Super Stain-Resistant, Super Stylish, SuperPro


One table needs menus. Another’s signaling for the cheque. The other is full of famished folks tapping their watches, waiting for their meals to arrive. While one busy server tries to take care of all three at once, the coffee she’s whisking to another table just spilled on her shirt. Not to worry, she is sporting a secret weapon — SuperPro!

Nearly 5 million people clock in each year to jobs related to the food and hospitality industries. Working on the front line can be a messy job with a punishing pace. The pros who serve customers day in and out need workwear that keeps pace with their hectic rounds. Enter SuperPro, the oxford and twill shirts that release soil, repel stains and resist wrinkles.

These sturdy, stylish shirts by Port Authority are the latest trend in apparel that does more just than look good. Each one works as hard as the wearer and stays clean and sharp throughout each shift. So, what’s the secret sauce?


Oxfords and Twills

Oxford and twill shirts, with their crisp lines, button-down options and enduring classic style are ideal for SuperPro technology. Marked by a tight weave and smooth drape, Port Authority’s SuperPro shirts sport a patented stain-resistant finish. Soils from offenders including coffee, salad oil and tomato sauce pool up on contact, making it easy for the wearer to quickly blot away the offending spill, leaving no trace behind. (If the element sits for a minute, fear not. The stain will disappear when laundered later)

Hard to imagine a menacing stain can simply be wiped away, leaving the shirt clean and tidy for the rest of the day? Spilling is believing. Keep a sample shirt on-hand and show your customers the money, so to speak. Dab a small amount of coffee or salad oil onto the shirt and use a clean, dry cloth to blot away.

Then, be prepared to receive ooohs, ahhhs and orders.

A tip restaurant servers and managers will love: SuperPro shirts come in a variety of sizes, colors and silhouettes, and include features such as rounded hems for ladies. They look as fantastic as they perform.

Check out our catalogues for details and put SuperPro technology to the test!


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